USC Catalog

In addition to analyzing and studying the evolution of new services, one of the USC Observatory’s aims is to keep the USC solutions catalog updated.

The USC incorporates a chip which stores information about its holder, so enabling him or her to make use of a wide range of services which would have been inconceivable in earlier systems. These include the possibility of storing the user’s electronic certification within the card.  

The card also incorporates a proximity chip.  As well as offering many other services from all administrations, the USC serves to control access to car parks, to make bookings and enquiries, and in general to access university information in a safe and authenticated manner.

The USC provides access to wide range of services

University card. It identifies the user and serves as an “access key" to added value services .

University self-service. It works through various channels (cajeros 4B; terminals installed on the campus and Internet, etc.).

Access control to certain areas of the campus and to computers, thanks to the incorporated chip.

Electronic signature. This provides identification and encoding for Internet both on and off campus.

Time and attendance control of university staff.

Library loans.

Discounts in businesses when purchasing goods and services.

Electronic purse, which is open and anonymous and not linked to any account.

Debit card (optional) for USC holders who so wish.

Any other service required by the academic institution.