On-the-spot issue of USC


This new service of printing is a solution that allows universities to instantly issue the USC card on demand, without any kind of place restriction.

With this system the USC aspect and data contained in the chip can be fully customized.

This project was promoted by Santander Universidades and and their main goals are to improve user´s experience and reduce the lapse time when issuing the USC.



The design and development of the software was done by the companies "Gemalto" and "Datio", the International USC Research Centre (Observatorio Internacional TUI) and Universidad de Murcia have collaborated when defining the data exchange process with universities and launching the system in Universidad de Murcia.   



First the user ask for an USC issuance on-the-spot at the USC information points of the university or when enrolling in the university for first time.


Then the picture of the user is taken where USC printer has been placed. 


Finally the USC is printed, customized and totally operative.


Video about on-the-spot issuing