Card Issuance System



Is a computer system based on free and open source software to automatically manage the USC emission circuit between universities, smartcard printing company and Banco Santander.



nexUSC solves different existing problems at universities.

It saves time on manual operations, during file sharing and data processing, data provided by all participants (universities, presses and Banco Santander).

It avoids paper document exchanging.

It reduces errors in manual data processes.

It reduces delivery to USC user time.

It promotes the homogenization and validation of data sent and received by universities and Banco Santander .


Screenshot of nexUSC environment.


The nexUSC system has two main modules:


File Manager Module (FMM)

Module that manages data sent and received between universities, Banco Santander and smart card printing companies.

NexusC incorporates different interfaces (HTML, Web Services, SFTP ...) so it can be integrated with universities that already have a card management system, and do not need or want to use the USCM module, also it can be integrated with the different systems used by Banco Santander in different countries .

Each university can connect to the chosen interface in order to upload and download USC applications and corresponding responses from the bank or printing companies .


USC Module Manager ( USCM)

It allows each university the individualized management of USC requests , and enables automatic connection to the FMM module and feeds back the module with any modifications.

It is not mandatory for universities to use this module, those that already have an smartcard management system may use the FMM module using web enabled services for this purpose.